Energy Efficient Motors


Efficiency Level -1 Motors
OUTPUT POWER: 0.37 kW to 160 kW
VOLTAGES: Up to 650 V
FRAME SIZE: 80 to 315

Efficiency Level - 1 Motors - NG Series
OUTPUT POWER: 0.37 kW to 9.3 kW
VOLTAGES: Up to 650 V
FRAME SIZE: 80 to 132

Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled Induction Motor - NG Series
OUTPUT POWER: Up to 3000 kW
VOLTAGES: 380 V to 15 kV
FRAME SIZE: 315 - 630

Product Overview

Efficient use of energy enables commercial and industrial facilities to minimize production costs, increase profits, and stay competitive. The majority of electrical energy consumed in most industrial facilities is used to run electric motors. Energy-efficient motors now available are typically from 2 to 6 percent more efficient than their standard counterparts. This efficiency Improvement translates into substantial energy and money savings.

CG offers an entire range of energy efficient motors as per the latest IEC, IS & NEMA standards and also complies with the efficiency norms of each geographies.